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David Pittsinger
Ticket information

Tickets for the George Flynn Classical Concerts are available free of charge to residents of the town of Clinton, CT. Free tickets are also open for non-residents when additional seating is available.

Tickets will be issued to Clinton residents one month before each concert, no tickets will be issued prior to this period.

A maximum of FOUR tickets can be requested at a time.

Tickets will be issued to non-Clinton residents two weeks before each show.

Write for tickets:

The George Flynn Classical Concerts
P.O. Box 473
Clinton, Connecticut 06413

Only a self-addressed, stamped envelope will be acknowledged for ticket return.
For additional information call 860.669.1208

Home      |   About Us     |    Ticket Information     |      Directions    |    The Artists    |     Past Concerts    |     Upcoming Concerts
For more information please call 860.669.1208
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