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George Flynn Classical Concerts

The George Flynn Classical Concerts are made possible by a trust fund established by George S. Flynn in his will. It was his great desire to provide “classical music concerts for the benefit, education and pleasure of the inhabitants of the town of Clinton (Connecticut).” It is in his honor and to his memory that we dedicate these concerts.

About George Flynn

Born in 1903 in the house he would live in and love his entire life, George Flynn was surrounded by music his whole life.  His mother played the piano and organ. His uncle Ed Ruby maintained a music studio on Chapel Street in New Haven. George himself played the violin from a fairly young age and was said to be talented. 

As a result of his innate frugality, George Flynn lived very simply in a house with very few modern amenities. His one indulgence was to install a single line of electricity so that he could have a stereo system that allowed him to listen to classical music.

In June, 1975, at the age of 71, George married for the first time. His new wife was 74-year-old Eirene Smyth who played her Steinway piano five or six hours a day. For the next 15 years, George and Rene were quite happy, sharing their love of music and literature. 

When Rene died, George inherited her assets and, combined with his own, found himself with a small fortune. In his will, he chose to create a fund to bring free classical music concerts featuring “some of the most world renowned musicians of our times and future times” to Clinton. His bequest assured that excellent performers would come to Clinton so that people who loved music would have access to the very best, free of charge. 

The first George Flynn Classical Concert was held on July 5, 1998 and featured the New Haven Symphony with Leopold Godowsky III on piano. Subsequent concerts have presented such luminaries as Joshua Bell, Jeremy Denk, Emerson String Quartet, Earl Wild, David Pittsinger, The Romeros, Vienna Boys Choir, Barbara Cook, David Finckel, Michael Feinstein, John Pizzarelli, and the Tokyo String Quartet. The George Flynn Classical Concerts Board of Directors has been entrusted to ensure concerts will continue to be provided in perpetuity. 

Board of Trustees

  • Elaine F. Godowsky
  • Jim Beloff
    Vice President
  • Mary-Kelly Busch
  • Alan Mann
  • Megan Stine
    Media Specialist