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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get a ticket?

Use this website to reserve free tickets. Select TICKETS, fill out the form completely. Your Ticket Reservation will be immediately emailed to you.  Read it carefully. Save it. Then print or save it to your cell phone. If you do not get an email confirmation, your reservation did not go through.

If you don’t see a red TICKETS button on the home page or next to the concert you wish to attend, tickets are either not yet available or they are already sold out.

When are tickets available?

Clinton residents may reserve tickets 30 days before each concert. 
Non-resident tickets are available 14 days before the concert.

What if tickets are SOLD OUT?

There are two ways to secure tickets once a concert is sold out. Keep checking the website, even on the concert day. Here’s why: when ticket-holders are unable to use their tickets, they return them through a link in their Ticket Reservation. Those returned tickets immediately become available on this website. 

 Another way is to arrive an hour early to put your name on a waiting list the day of the concert. The odds are in your favor that we will find you a seat.

Is there a waiting list?

Regretfully, no. We do not maintain a waiting list in advance. Come to the concert one hour ahead and place your name on a standby list that day. We are usually able to seat standbys. 

I don't have an email address. How can I get a ticket?

Arrive one hour before the concert starts and place your name on a standby list. We usually are able to seat standbys.

How do I change or cancel my reserved seats?

In your email inbox, find and open “Ticket Reservation.” Click on “Change your ticket reservation here” and choose the total number of tickets you desire, from 0-4.

I can’t find or print my ticket.

Search your email inbox, junk, & trash for “Ticket Reservation."  Unfortunately, your Ticket Reservation cannot be resent, but if you are unable to find your confirmation, come to the concert one hour early and put your name on the standby list.

I cancelled all of my tickets by mistake! What do I do now?

Start the process over.

Why can’t I get an assigned seat?

Seats are for general admission. Free tickets are distributed on a first come, first served basis with Clinton residents having first chance because George Flynn established his bequest for the people of Clinton, CT. Both of our auditoriums have excellent acoustics with not a bad seat in the house.